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Garinagu Ethnic Group Action Committee for the Preservation of the Garinagu (GEGAC)” is a registered 501©4 nonprofit in Marin County, California (EIN#81-2606462). The organization was formed in 2016 under the leadership of Trevor Palacio and VP Carmen Miranda. We are a social welfare advocacy group formed with the intention to celebrate the rich culture of the Garinagu while also addressing, forming solutions and implementing action plans to reconcile the challenges within the Garifuna diaspora. We do this by fusing relationships with other Garifuna organizations, allowing us to become better informed when analyzing strategies for collective forward movement.

In addition, we focus on economic development by cultivating ideas, resources and institutions to create opportunities for collective gain within the Garifuna diaspora. We invite you to participate in our projects and events. Please reach out to see how you can participate in Garifunadou.

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Meet The Team

Trevor Palacio


My name is Trevor Palacio and I am honored and blessed to sit as the President of Garinagu Ethnic Group Action Committee and the Garifuna Consortium. I believe that God and our ancestors(wayunagu) have called me to do a job in our community and I will not fail my God or ancestors. My life long dream is to help establish a Government and Institutions for the Garifuna Nation. A structure that will outlive individuals and secure a bright future for our posterity.

Carmen Miranda

Vice President

My name is Carmen Miranda and I am a proud Garifuna woman who was born in Honduras. I have been involved in the Garifuna movement for over a decade and refuse to "not " leave a greater legacy for our children. As  the Director of Garifuna Veterans of America and the VP of Garinagu Ethnic Group Action Committee, I am dedicated to the movement by investing my time strategically to move our agenda forward.

German Cayetano

Board Member

My name is German Cayetano and I was born in San Antonio Honduras. I am involved with the Garifuna movement because I am concerned with the preservation of the culture and its economic and political development.

Ana Castillo


Rest in Peace Ana, we love you. Until her role is filled,  this was Anna's Bio:


My name is Ana Castillo and I am the treasurer of Garinagu Ethnic Group Action Committee and it is a blessing to serve my community. I am a warrior who was called by God and our ancestors on behalf of our people and it is an honor. I believe that being united will make all of the difference in the world for our youth and the Garifuna legacy. It is our responsibility to secure a bright future for our children as our ancestors did for us.

Nardie Deshon Santos


My name is Nardie “Deshon” Santos and I am a young aspiring Garifuna leader and teacher. My focus is to make sure that the youth are taught our culture and are active within the community. I know that having a foundation within the culture will give them a sense of identity and pride. My philosophy is that we must NO longer look at our country of birth because thas has created borders which causes division. We need to identify ourselves as "Garifuna Nation". Together we are powerful and can make changes wherever we are or go. I am proud to be serving our Nation because I believe we can make changes within our communities, but we must first learn to put our differences aside for a greater cause.

Chorly Gibbons

Board Member

My name is Chorly Gibbons and I was born in Puerto Cortes Honduras. I am involved in the Garifuna movement because I love my roots and I know that United, we can overcome all obstacles. My focus in the Garifuna Consortium is to concentrate on the youth and to  make sure that we leave a positive legacy.

Jean Melendez

Board Member

My name is Jean Melendez and I was born in Tela Honduras at the Rail Fruit Company Hospital. My mother was Fernanda Melendez from San Juan Honduras and my dad was Romualdo Mendez from Dangriga. I am involved in the Garifuna movement because of our many needs and most importantly our bond as Garinagu. It is also important to get involved in local , regional and national politics to show the countries we live in that we are assets and not liabilities.

Erica Castillo Slaton

Strategic Advisor

A naturalized Belizean born to Garifuna parents from Dangriga, Belize, I am excited to serve my Garifuna community in the capacity as Strategic Advisor. I have a strong desire to merge my passion for my community with my project management skills to produce measurable results. Together with the community and through partnerships with other institutions, we can accomplish anything. We will do this effectively by following a strategic approach using established processes, available resources, and proper planning. Ready, set, go!


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