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Garinagu Ethnic Group Action Committee for the Preservation of the Garinagu (GEGAC)” is a registered 501©4 not for profit in Marin County, California (EIN#81-2606462). Because of our status your donations are NOT tax deductible as this type of social welfare organization. This non profit status gives us the ability to influence policy on a local, regional , national level. Therefore we are a policy based and member driven organization that depend on every Garifuna dollar available. Please encourage your local Garifuna organizations to join the Garifuna Consortium, which is a body focused on everything Garifuna. With that said, we cannot accomplish our goals without the support of outside partnership. We want to thank The Lions Club International San Rafael Chapter for being our biggest contributor to date.  We also welcome you to lead our team to any resource(s) that will push our efforts forward. We are accepting used cars, boats and anything of value that we can utilize to support our cause. Donating to our organization helps to fund the initiatives necessary to sustain the movement such as programming, venues, future initiatives and administrative costs.


We encourage and implore students at all levels and professionals in all fields to engage and share your talents, time, resources, and expertise with our organization. Kindly send us a correspondence to info@garifunaworld.com indicating your interest and a team member will work to get you connected. We are also seeking legal council with expertise in immigration, agriculture, international law and/or Nation building. 
Contact # :  747 312 1797


Our mission is to end the division among Garinagu that has been established by borders and time. Our vision is to create mutually beneficial partnerships with Garifuna organizations worldwide with an intention to collectively and effectively preserve all facets of the Garinagu culture. While creating channels for economic & technological developments to increase self-sustaining Garifuna communities. Please, encourage your local Garifuna organizations to join the Garifuna Consortium, which is a body focused on everything Garifuna. We also aim to return to living under the ancient indigenous philosophy of “Aura Buni Amurü Nuni” - You for me, me for you.  


Focus Nov 2017-Nov 2020: Garifuna Consortium


1. Voter education, Registration & Turn-Out 

2. National Garifuna Census

3. Garifuna Unity - International Garifuna Council - President Trevor Palacio    

4. Garifuna Youth - Habafu Irahuñu Int.

5. Formation of Garifuna "Media" for communication purposes.

6. Immigration and Human Rights - Land rights violations

Contact these numbers to report human rights violations in Garifuna communities by Larry Forseth, Patrick Forseth and Randy Jorgenson - all Canadian investors.

  •  Inter-American Commission on Human Rights - 202 370 9000

  • ​​Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability - 819 592 6657 ask for Emily Dwyer. 


7. Garifuna Economic Development  & Financial Literacy 101 through the World System Builder


415 499 2891

​Find us: 

1720 Lincoln Ave. Ste. #3 San Rafael, CA USA 94901

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